The Word of God alone is inspired, inerrant, infallible, unchanging & sufficient; therefore this list begins with a link to various Bible reading plans.  This resource is meant only as a supplement to God’s Word & in no way to replace the daily reading & study of Scripture.

An * indicates the book listed is written by an author who at the time of the book’s publication was in line with What We Teach but whose current books and/or teaching are in question whether they are drifting away from or aren’t in line with What We Teach any longer.


Bible Reading Plans


Study Bibles

ESV Study Bible

MacArthur Study Bible

Reformation Study Bible

NLT Illustrated Study Bible


Systematic Theology

Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Biblical Truth – John MacArthur/ Richard Mayhue

Christian Theology – Millard Erikson

The Wonderful Works of God – Herman Bavinck

Systematic Theology – Louis Berkhof

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief – John Frame

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine – Wayne Grudem

Everyone’s a Theologian: An Introduction to Systematic Theology – R.C. Sproul



Bible Studies:

Studies on individual books of the Bible:

The Be Series Commentary - Warren Wiersbe

*Christ Centered Exposition Commentary

*Knowing the Bible 12 Week Study Series  

The MacArthur Bible Studies

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament 10 Week Bible Study Series – Nancy Guthrie:

  • The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis
  • The Lamb of God: Seeing Jesus in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy
  • The Word of the Lord: Seeing Jesus in the Prophets
  • The Wisdom of God: Seeing Jesus in Psalms & Wisdom Books



Discerning the Plight of Man – Paul Washer

Discovering the Glorious Gospel – Paul Washer

Knowing the Living God: The Doctrine of God – Paul Washer

Studying the Holy Scriptures – Paul Washer

Understanding the Discipline of Fasting – Paul Washer

Fundamentals of the Faith – John MacArthur

Growing Strong in God’s Family; A Course in Personal Discipleship to Strengthen Your Walk with Christ – NavPress 2:7 Series



The Gospel Primer – Milton Vincent

Holiness Day by Day – Jerry Bridges

*New Morning Mercies – Paul Tripp

Praying the Attributes of God – Rosemary Jensen

Seeing the Unseen: A Daily Dose of the Eternal Perspective – Randy Alcorn

The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions – Arthur Bennett

*The Heart of the Matter – New Growth Press (Various authors)

31 – Day Devotionals for Life Series - P & R Publishing (Series Topics Include)

  • Addictive Habits: Changing for Good – David Dunham
  • Anger:  Calming Your Heart – Robert Jones
  • After an Affair: Pursuing Restoration – Michael Scott Gembola
  • Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace – Paul Tautges
  • Assurance: Resting in God’s Salvation – William Smith
  • Contentment :Seeing God’s Goodness – Megan Hill
  • Doubt: Trusting God’s Promises – Elyse Fitzpatrick
  • Fearing Others: Putting God First – Zach Schelgel
  • Grief: Walking With Jesus – Bob Kellemen
  • Money: Seeking God’s Wisdom – Jim Newheiser
  • Pornography: Fighting for Purity – Deepak Reju


Parenting & Family

Big Truths for Young Hearts (Devotional) – Bruce Ware

Don’t Make Me Count to Three – Ginger Plowman

Family Driven Faith – Voddie Baucham

Family Shepherds – Voddie Baucham

Give Them Grace – Elyse Fitzpatrick

The Heart of Anger – Lou Priolo

Shepherding a Childs Heart – Ted Tripp

5 Things to Pray for Your Kids - Melissa Kruger

Children’s Books

I can be Strong When I Put on the Armor of God – Dandi Daley Mackall

The Biggest Story – Kevin DeYoung

Don’t Blame the Mud: Only Jesus Makes Us Clean -   Marty Machowski

Good News for Little Hearts Series - CCEF

The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments - Marty Machowski

The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New - Marty Machowski

The Little Voice in Your Head: Learning About Your Conscience – Andrew Naselli

Little Pilgrims Progress - Helen Taylor

Little Pilgrims Big Journey - Lithos Kids

Sammy and His Shepherd: Seeing Jesus in Psalm 23 - Susan Hunt



The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them – Owen Strachan/Gavin Peacock

Strengthening Your Marriage – Wayne Mack

Tying the Knot: A Premarital Guide to a Strong & Lasting Marriage – Rob Green

*What Did You Expect: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage – Paul Tripp

When Sinners Say I Do – Dave Harvey

Practical Living/Sanctification

Sanctification: God’s Passion for His People – John MacArthur

Found: God’s Will Find the Direction and Purpose God Has for Your Life – John MacArthur

Growing Your Faith – Jerry Bridges

Respectable Sins – Jerry Bridges

The Pursuit of Holiness – Jerry Bridges

Transforming Grace – Jerry Bridges

The Discipline of Grace – Jerry Bridges

The Joy of Fearing God – Jerry Bridges

The Gospel for Real Life – Jerry Bridges

Trusting God – Jerry Bridges

The Hole in Our Holiness – Kevin DeYoung

Growing in Holiness – R.C. Sproul

Side by Side – Ed Welch

Caring For One Another – Ed Welch

Graciousness: Tempering Truth with Love – John Crotts

Watchfulness: Recovering a Lost Spiritual Discipline – Brian Hedges

Die Hard Sins: How to Fight Wisely against Destructive Habits – Rush Witt

It Will Cost You  Cost Everything: What it Takes to Follow Jesus  – Steve Lawson

*Awe – Paul Tripp

*How People Change – Timothy Lane/ Paul Tripp

Gospel Treason – Brad Bigney

Putting Your Past in its Place – Steve Viars

Humility – Andrew Murray

What do You Think of Me? Why do I Care? – Ed Welch (Teens dealing with the fear of man)

Christ Formed in You: The Power of the Gospel for Personal Change - Brian Hedges

The Gospel for Real Life Series:

  • Abuse: Finding Hope in Christ – John Henderson
  • Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure – Robert Kellemen
  • Borderline Personality: A Scriptural Perspective – Cathy Wiseman
  • Burnout: Resting in God’s Fairness – Brad Hambrick
  • Cutting: A Healing Response – Jeremy Lelek
  • Depression: The Sun Always Rises – Margaret Ashmore
  • God’s Attributes: Rest for Life’s Struggles – Brad Hambrick
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Recovering Hope – Jeremy Lelek
  • Romantic Conflict: Embracing Desires That Bless Not Bruise – Brad  Hambrick
  • Self-Centered Spouse: Hope for Chronically Broken Marriages – Brad Hambrick
  • Sexual Abuse: Beauty for Ashes – Robert Kellemen
  • Vulnerability: Blessing in the Beatitudes- Brad Hambrick

The Gospel

Ashamed of the Gospel – John MacArthur

Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel of the American Church – Michael Horton

The Gospel According to Jesus: What is Authentic Faith – John MacArthur

The Gospel According to the Apostles – John MacArthur

Gospel Assurance & Warnings – Paul Washer

The Gospel Call & True Conversion – Paul Washer

The Gospel Driven Life – Michael Horton

The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Mini-Book) – Paul Washer

The Gospel’s Power & Message – Paul Washer

How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home – Derek Thomas



How to Study the Bible – John MacArthur

Knowing Scripture – R.C. Sproul

The Inerrant Word: Biblical, Historical, Theological & Pastoral Perspectives – John MacArthur

One Foundation: Essays on the Sufficiency of Scripture

Walking With Jesus Through His Word: Discovering Christ in all the Scriptures – Dennis Johnson

The Golden Alphabet: An Exposition of Psalm 119 – C.H. Spurgeon

Psalm 139 – C.H. Spurgeon


The Church

The Church Why Bother?: The Nature, Purpose, and Functions of the Local Church – Jeffrey Johnson

A Lover’s Quarrel with the Evangelical Church – Warren Smith

The Master’s Plan for the Church – John MacArthur

Ten Indictments against the Modern Church – Paul Washer



Alone With God: Rediscovering the Power & Passion of Prayer – John MacArthur

A Call to Prayer – J.C. Ryle

Pray About Everything – Paul Tautges

Prayer 101: Experiencing the Heart of God – Warren Wiersbe

The Prayer of the Lord – R. C. Sproul



Strange Fire: The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship – John MacArthur

Worship the Ultimate Priority – John MacArthur

How Then Shall We Worship: Biblical Principles to Guide Us Today – R.C. Sproul



Good & Angry – David Powlison

Uprooting Anger – Robert Jones

A Small Book about a Big Problem: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace – Ed Welch


Sexual Sin/Lust/Pornography

Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace – Heath Lambert

Passions of the Heart – John Street

What Does the Bible Teach About Lust – Owen Strachan/Gavin Peacock

What Does the Bible Teach About Transgenderism? – Owen Strachan/Gavin Peacock

What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality? – Owen Strachan/Gavin Peacock



The Peacemaker – Ken Sandi

The Truth about Forgiveness – John MacArthur



*Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense – Paul Tripp

When the Darkness Will Not Lift – John Piper

Surprised by Suffering – R.C. Sproul

A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mystery of Suffering Pain & God’s Sovereignty – Joni Eareckson Tada

A Small Book for the Hurting Heart: Meditations on Loss, Grief, and Healing – Paul Tautges

What Grieving People Wish You Knew: About What Really Helps & What Really Hurts – Nancy Guthrie

The Power of Suffering: Strengthening Your Faith in the Refiner’s Fire – John MacArthur


Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare: A Balanced & Biblical Perspective – Brian Borgman

The Whole Armor of God – Ian Duguid



Addictions – A Banquet in the Grave – Ed Welch

The Heart of Addiction – Mark Shaw



Good Mood Bad Mood: Help and Hope for Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Charles Hodges

Depression: Looking up From Stubborn Darkness – Ed Welch

Shame Interrupted: How God Lifts the Pain of Worthlessness & Rejection- Ed Welch



Living Without Worry: How to Replace Anxiety with Peace – Timothy Lane

Anxiety: Anatomy & Cure – Bob Kellemen

Untangling Emotions – Alasdair Groves/Winston Smith

Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace 31 Day Devotionals for Life – Paul Tautges

A Small Book for the Anxious Hear: Meditations on Fear, Worry, and Trust – Ed Welch


Men’s Resources

Disciplines of a Godly Man – Kent Hughes

The Complete Husband – Lou Priolo


Women’s Resources

Adorned – Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth

The Afternoon of Life: Finding Purpose & Joy in Midlife – Elyse Fitzpatrick

God’s High Calling for Women- John MacArthur

Lies Women Believe – Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth

Lies Young Women Believe _ Nancy Demoss Woglemuth

Idols of the Heart – Elyse Fitapatrick

The Peaceful Wife – April Cassidy

Women of the Word – Jen Wilken



Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of Mankind - Owen Strachan

The Crucial questions Series (Mini-Books) – R.C. Sproul

  • What is the Trinity?
  • Does God control everything?
  • Can I have Joy in My Life?
  • What is the Church?
  • Are People Basically Good?
  • What do Jesus’ Parables Mean?
  • Can I Lose My Salvation?
  • What can I do with My Guilt?
  • How can I be blessed?
  • What is the Relationship between Church and State?
  • What is Repentance?
  • What is Baptism?
  • What is the Lord’s Supper?
  • How Should I Think about Money?
  • Does Prayer Change Things?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Can I Trust the Bible?
  • What is Faith?
  • What is the Great Commission?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • What does it mean to be Born Again?
  • Can I Know God’s Will?
  • How Can We Know About God?
  • How Should I Live in This World?
  • Are These the Last Days?
  • Can I be Sure I’m Saved?
  • How can I be Right with God?
  • Does God Exist?
  • How does God’s Law apply to me?
  • What is Predestination?
  • Why Should I Join a Church?
  • How can I Live by Faith?
  • What is Biblical Wisdom?
  • What is the Gospel?


Basic Christianity – John Stott

Holiness: It’s Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties and Roots – J.C. Ryle

The Holiness of God – R.C. Sproul

Knowing God – J.I. Packer

Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan


The Attributes of God

The Attributes of God – A.W. Pink

Knowledge of the Holy – A.W. Tozer

None Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God – Matthew Barrett

None Other: Discovering the God of the Bible – John MacArthur

The Sovereignty of God – A.W. Pink



All that is in God: Evangelical Theology & the Challenge of Classical Christian Theism – James Dolezal 301

The Most Misused Verses in the Bible – Eric Bargerhuff

The Holy Spirit – Kevin DeYoung

Delighting in the Trinity – Michael Reeves

Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son & Holy Spirit – Matthew Barrett 301

What About Free Will? Reconciling Our Choices with God’s Sovereignty – Scott Christensen 201

The Pleasures of God – John Piper

God & the Gay Christian: A Response to Matthew Vines – Albert Mohler

Union in Christ – Michael Horton

One Perfect Life: The Complete Story of the Lord Jesus – John MacArthur

The Jesus You Can’t Ignore:  What You Must Learn from the Bold Confrontations of Christ – John MacArthur

Slave: The Hidden Truth about Your Identity in Christ – John MacArthur

Forgotten Fear: Where Have All the God-Fearers Gone – Albert Martin

Christianity & Liberalism – J. Gresham Machen

With All Your Heart – Craig Troxel

The Christian Life: A Doctrinal Introduction – Sinclair Ferguson

Devoted To God – Sinclair Ferguson

The Enemy Within: Straight Talk about the Power & Defeat of Sin – Kris Lundgaard

Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God – J.I. Packer

Know the Heretics – Justin Holcomb

Know the Creeds & Councils – Justin Holcomb

The Book on Leadership – John MacArthur

Hard to Believe: The High Cost and Infinite Value of Following Jesus – John MacArthur

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ – John Piper

The Soul Winner: How to Lead Sinners to the Savior – C.H. Spurgeon

The Greatest Fight in the World – C.H. Spurgeon

The Pursuit of God – A.W. Pink


Biblical Counseling

A Theology of Biblical Counseling: The Doctrinal Foundations of Counseling Ministry – Heath Lambert

Counseling Hard Cases: True Stories Illustrating the Sufficiency of God’s Resources in Scripture – Heath Lambert/Stuart Scott

*Instruments in the Redeemers Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change – Paul Tripp

Seeing With New Eyes – David Powlison

Speaking the Truth in Love: Counseling in Community – David Powlison

Scripture and Counseling: God’s Word for Life in a Broken World – Bob Kellemen

Competent to Counsel – Jay Adams

Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically – John MacArthur

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life – Jeremy Pierre

Biblical Counseling and the Church – Bob Kellemen

Gospel Centered Counseling: How Christ Changes Lives – Bob Kellemen

Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ – Bob Kellemen


Biblical Worldview

Right Thinking in a Church Gone Astray – Nathan Busenitz

Think Biblically: Recovering a Christian Worldview – John MacArthur

The Ever-loving Truth: Can Faith Thrive in a Post Christian Culture – Voddie Baucham

Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe – Voddie


The Dust of Death: The Sixties Counterculture and how it Changed America Forever – Os Guinness

The Other World View: Exposing Christianity’s Greatest Threat – Peter Jones

The Gathering Storm: Secularism, Culture & the Church – Albert Mohler

The Disapperance of God: Dangerous Beliefs in the New Spiritual Openness – Albert Mohler

The Rise & Triumph of the Modern Self – Carl Tureman 201

By What Standard – Jared Longshore/Tom Ascol



Fools Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion – Os Guinness

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions – Greg Koukl 101

The God Who is There – Francis Schaeffer201



The Theologians on the Christian life series:

  • Spurgeon on the Christian Life: Alive in Christ – Michael Reeves
  • Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life: Doctrine and Life as Fuel and Fire – Jason Meyer
  • Edwards on the Christian Life: Alive to the Beauty of Christ – Dane Ortlund
  • Warfield on the Christian Life:  Living in Light of the Gospel – Fred Zaspel
  • Lewis on the Christian Life: Becoming Truly Human in the Presence of God – Joe Rigney
  • Stott on the Christian Life : Between Two Worlds – Tim Chester
  • Schaeffer on the Christian Life: Countercultural Spirituality – William Edgar
  • Packer on the Christian Life:  Knowing God in Christ, Walking by the Spirit  – Sam Storms
  • Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life: From the Cross, for the World – Stephen Nichols
  • Calvin on the Christian Life: Glorifying and Enjoying God Forever – Michael Horton
  • Bavinck on the Christian Life: Following Jesus in Faithful Service – John Bolt
  • Owen on the Christian Life : Living for the Glory of God in Christ – Michael Barrett
  • Augustine on the Christian Life:  Transformed by the :Power of God – Gerald Berry
  • Newton on the Christian Life: To Live is Christ – Tony Reinke
  • Wesley on the Christian Life: The Heart Renewed in Love – Fred Sanders
  • Luther on the Christian Life : Cross and Freedom – Carl Trueman

The long line of godly men profiles series:

  • The Daring Mission of William Tyndale – Steven Lawson
  • The Expository Genius of John Calvin – Steven Lawson
  • The Mighty Weakness of John Knox- Douglas Bond
  • The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon – Steven Lawson
  • The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards – Steven Lawson
  • The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther – Steven Lawson
  • The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts – Douglas Bond
  • The Missionary Fellowship of William Carey – Michael A.G. Haykin
  • The Passionate Preaching of Martin Lloyd-Jones – Steven Lawson
  • The Affectionate Theology of Richard Sibbes – Mark Dever
  • The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield – Steven Lawson
  • The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen – Sinclair Ferguson

Autobiography - My Journal George Muller


Pod Casts


Core Christianity – Adriel Sanchez

Renewing Your Mind – R.C. Sproul

Ultimately with R.C. Sproul (Very short episodes)

Simply Put Ligonier Ministries (Very short episodes)

The Sword & the Trowel – Founders Ministries

The Briefing – Albert Mohler

Grace Life Pulpit

The Crossway Podcast


The White Horse Inn

Just Thinking

The Mortification of Spin

The Antithesis - Owen Strachan



Websites (30 years of radio broadcast archives available) (82 free video teaching series available) (Free Bible Study resource downloadable from the site)

AGTV subscription based streaming content from the makers of the American Gospel Documentaries



Ref Net


Ligonier Connect

Reformed Theological Seminary

Bible Gateway

Literal Word

Blue Letter Bible

Bible Hub

Sermon Audio



Wield the Sword – Founders Ministries

By What Standard – Founders Ministries (Cinedoc)  

When Sinners Say I Do – Dave Harvey (Teaching series based on his book listed under marriage)

Gospel Treason – Bread Bigney (Sermon series based on his book listed in Sanctification/Christian living)

The Heart of Change – Brent Aucoin (Teaching on James 4:1-10)


DVD Videos

American Gospel Christ Alone

American Gospel Christ Crucified




Monthly Magazines

Modern Reformation

Tabletalk (Ligonier Ministries)


Contemporary Confessional Statements

The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel

The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

The Nashville Statement CBMW (Human sexuality & Gender roles)

The Danvers Statement CBMW (Complementarian Roles)