New Sunday Times

9am Bible Hour + 10am Family Worship


        Antioch Bible Church has moved from our previous 2 Service church structure to a new structure we are calling One AssemblyThis one assembly consists of two equally important parts making one whole gathering: (1) A Bible Hour time where all adults, students, and kids will break into groups and "go deeper" with Gospel Project™ studies, and (2) A Family Worship Service with singing, preaching, and praying.  Find important information below, and view our informative videos. 

Our Service times have changed.  

We have moved from separate worship service times to our new One Assembly gathering schedule: 9:00am Bible Hour, 10:00am Family Worship Service.  

The Bible Hour and Family Worship Service are two parts making one whole.

With this new change, it is important that we don't consider our new One Assembly times as two separate services, but rather as two equally important parts making up one whole gathering (or One Assembly) to participate in.  In other words, we strongly desire the Antioch family to attend both the Bible Hour and Family Worship Service.  If you only attend one or the other, you will be missing integral pieces of the structure designed to promote deeper growth and stronger community. 

Antioch Kids experience age-appropriate, highly engaging bible teaching.

For kids in JumpStart, Hut, and Clubhouse, the 9:00am Bible Hour is a time of age appropriate, in-depth and highly engaging Gospel Project™ teaching, singing, and more.

The 10:00am Family Worship Service creates opportunities for adults, teens, and elementary age kids to worship together.

We believe an important part of spiritual formation for teens and kids is participating in corporate worship with their parents, as well as other adults in the church family.  We have seen the success in moving our Sr. High students from a separate worship gathering to attending with their families, and we look forward to what God will do as we have taken the next step.

During the 10:00am Family Worship Service, kids grades K and older participate in the Family Worship service along with their families.  Kids ages birth-5yrs are encouraged to attend Kids Care, a time for kids with age appropriate bible activities and more.

More Information

If you have questions about this change in our Sunday morning church structure, we encourage you to watch each of these videos below.  Each video features an Antioch staff member, a member of a serving team, or Antioch covenant member answering commonly asked questions and addressing concerns.