This Christmas, we have an exciting opportunity to show the love of Jesus to children in need on the other side of the world! 
In years past, we have partnered with Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Christmas Child, a wonderful organization, to provide Christmas gifts for children in need in various countries.  On average, we reach around 400 children by filling shoeboxes with toys, school supplies, essential hygiene items, and more – which is great!
However, this Christmas we have the chance to “think outside the box” and partner with our own supported mission NACEA in India to provide Christmas gifts for 2,500 children!  Wow!
This year, instead of filling shoeboxes with gifts, we will be raising money.  Since the price of toys, school supplies, etc. is so much less in India than the U.S., and shipping costs are incredibly expensive, it makes much more sense to send the money we raise together to NACEA and the Paul family so they can purchase the items for the children.  By doing this, we are able to show the love of Jesus to ten times more children than if we were to buy the items here, pack boxes, and ship them!
We are so excited for what God is going to do through the generosity of His people at Antioch! 
You may make donations by cash, check to Antioch Christian Church with the Memo “India Christmas Project” and place them inside the special offering envelopes and into the Joy Box, or give online in our App by selecting “India Christmas Project” in our giving platform.
Please be in prayer about what God is placing on your heart to give.


  • Furniture: sofas, dressers, tables, chairs, dinette sets, coffee tables, bed frames, dressers, porch furniture
  • Housewares: utensils, candles, baskets, pots and pans, plastic ware
  • Glassware: glasses, dishes, bowls, mugs, ashtrays, vases, mirrors, pitchers
  • Small Electronics/Appliances: radios, alarm clocks, toasters, lamps, flashlights, crock pots, vacuum cleaners, blenders, stereos, record/tape/CD players, office equipment
  • Linens: blankets, towels, sheets and pillow cases, dish towels, table cloths, bedspreads, drapes, rugs (please indicate size of bed linens  on packaging)
  • Decorations: Knick-knacks, holiday items, wall hangings, figurines
  • Office Supplies: photo albums, pens, notebooks, paper, files, desk accessories, stationery
  • Media: books, magazines, books-on-tape, videos, record albums, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, computer games
  • Toys & Games: indoor & outdoor toys, board games, stuffed animals, dolls, action figures
  • Art/Art Supplies: artwork, framed pictures, sculptures, ceramics, paint, blank canvases, frames
  • Crafts Supplies: yarn, embroidery floss, cross stitch thread, fabric, unfinished projects, sewing machines
  • Sporting Goods: helmets, sports bags, camping equipment, tents, bicycles, sleds, bats & balls, roller blades
  • Tools & Gardening Equipment: building supplies, gardening tools, lawn mowers, hoses, sprinklers, bird houses, bird baths, lawn ornaments, rakes, shovels, chippers/shredders
  • Plants: houseplants, seeds, starts, potting soil, flower pots, bulbs, perennials
  • Pet Supplies: cages, carriers, beds, collars, leashes, food bowls, clothing, toys
  • Baby Equipment:  changing tables, strollers, high chairs, playpens
  • Infants’ & Children’s Clothing: pants, tops, dresses, shoes, coats, hats, costumes
  • Adult Clothing: must be clean, and prefer on hangers
  • Accessories: hats, costume jewelry, scarves, shoes, purses
  • Valuables/Collectibles/Jewelry/Antiques: (Can be put in a private location and locked if needed)

We ask that your items be clean and in working order. If the donation has numerous pieces, please bag or box them as a unit. We would like clothing to be on hangers. If your items are too big for you to transport, contact Scott Cordova at              Shauna Knepp at 812-698-1266 to arrange a pick-up.



         Sofa beds  (unless in really good condition and on the first floor)


         Metal bed frames (unless with headboard)

         Office furniture: large metal desks,  metal file cabinets (unless new)

         Particle board furniture

         Large entertainment systems

         Pianos or organs (electronic keyboards are OK)

         Any damaged or unclean furniture



         Large appliances (stoves, refrigerators, etc.)

         Computers and printers, unless brand new

         Typewriters (unless antiques)

         Microwaves (unless 2-3 years old)

         Console TV’s & console stereos

         Small TV’s, unless new


Child/Baby Equipment

         Baby car seats

         Baby cribs with slats more than 2 3/8 inches apart

         Swing sets



         Exercise bicycles and equipment, unless newer

         Gas grills, unless new

         Cans of paint

         Mini-blinds, roll up shades

         Coffee Mugs with advertising

         Old textbooks

         National Geographic Magazines

         Used aquariums